About Us

From Detailing to Design

At Manhattan Beach, CA in 1983 Jeff started EXEL Mobile Detailing and set out on a mission to provide high quality detailing to the greater Los Angeles area. Over 35 years later EXEL is still providing those same services. 

After relocating to Peoria, AZ we found detailing more motorhomes and boats among the wealth of cars we were used to and found that a larger orbital buffer that didn't weigh as much as other brands was essential to detailing the volume of vehicles we were facing. 

Over the years we learned what works and what doesn't. Orbital polishers became our preffered method for several of the tasks we perform as detailers, but something was lacking and we needed to find a better tool We found that we were having a hard time finding one that met our needs, so we just decided to design our own.

Growing up in Manhattan Beach, Jeff's first job was working in his fathers shop, manufacturing electronics. It was here that our foundation for appreciating quality in tools got its roots. That knowledge has grown over the years and given us the ability to provide detailers like us with a tool that we can use with confidence.

With the help of everyone on our team we are excited to now provide to you the Orbital Pro Polisher. A flexible tool that can handle anything you throw at it.